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Hangzhou Guokong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013 with the registered capital reaching 100 million, is a leading developer and manufacturer for domestic financial payment and also the developer and manufacturer for electric vehicles charging piles. It devotes itself to research, design, production and sale of numerous systems and products such as power lightning protection system, intelligent electric products, automatic service system, platform interactive system and multimedia digital system, etc. Guokong is the strategic partner of several third party payment institutes including China UnionPay and All in Pay, and possesses the instant exchange cloud computing service platform. The server of Guokong is connected with the server of China UnionPay via special line.

The company relies on Zhejiang University multidisciplinary advantage and has a first-class development team. Additionally, Guokong has established close relation with the local governments and State Grid, and has undertaken local key project design and construction for several times. Additionally, the company possesses the new energy Charging pile of fully independent intellectual property, including the pile type, wall mounted type and car type. Guokang has been reported by www.people.com.cn and Xinhua News Agency.

The company is one of the several enterprises with the new energy automobile charging equipment passing European Union CE, ROSH Certification, National Standard Certification and North America UL (under certification). Currently, Guokang is the Director Member of Zhejiang Provincial Financial Equipment Industry Association, Director Member of Zhejiang Association for Automobile Industry Technical Innovation and one of the Member of Zhejiang Province New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance. On June 12th, 2016, Guokang awarded the China Electric Vehicle Charging Pile “Technical Innovation Prize”, on June 14th, 2016, the Chief Director of Guokang R&D Department was listed in the member of New Energy Automobile Industry Expert Committee.




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