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Corporate culture

 Corporate culture

 Hangzhou Guokong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise. It  is the strategic partner of several third party payment institutes and possesses the  instant exchange cloud computing service platform. Guokong Tech is located in Zhejiang University science and Technology Park, Hangzhou, China. It is is a domestic leading developer and manufacturer for both financial payment and new EV charging piles. It devotes to research, design, production and sale of numerous systems and products such as power lightning protection system, intelligent electric products, automatic service system, platform interactive system and multimedia digital system etc.

Guokong Tech has the comprehensive advantages of Zhejiang University, following the development concept of "independent innovation lead to the future". The company has a strong R&D team with advanced technology, which more than 85% of the team is undergraduate, up 10% is with high and intermediate technical titles and professional and technical personnel of master's degree and doctor's degree. Meanwhile, based on the principle of customer-centric, Guokong Tech is ongoing research and gradually launch more new products to meet market demand.

Guokong Tech takes “continuous improve and advance with  the times” as its main principle in the field of electric and will assume the social responsibility in Chinese informationization driving to industrialization.




Tel: 0571-81969856

Email: wuj@zju-gk.com.cn

Add: F3, Building 1, No.16 Xiyuanyi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China