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Non-new energy delivery trucks banned in ancient town from January 1 next year

Non-new energy delivery trucks banned in ancient town from January 1 next year.

From January 1, 2020, the ancient city of suzhou (within the moat) will be set up as a green distribution demonstration area, and non-new energy distribution trucks will be banned.Yesterday (November 19) afternoon, suzhou green freight distribution leading group office held a news briefing, inviting more logistics and distribution enterprises and business circulation enterprises to join the green environmental protection, efficient and intelligent "Soviet distribution" army, build a better urban environment.

The construction of demonstration projects for urban green freight delivery is not only an important measure to prevent and control air pollution and win the battle to protect the blue sky, but also an effective way to promote logistics cost reduction and efficiency and solve the "three difficulties" of urban distribution passage, docking and loading and unloading.In June 2018, suzhou as Yangtze river delta region only selected the first batch of green freight distribution demonstration project to create city, declare immediately after the successful start create work, introduced the suzhou create green freight distribution demonstration city work plan, to speed up the building of "intensive, efficient, green, smart" "su shi distribution management and service system.

Zheng binghua, deputy director of the municipal transportation bureau, introduced that suzhou has basically built a three-level "ring layer" urban freight distribution network system consisting of logistics distribution hub, urban distribution center and terminal distribution network.The number of new energy distribution vehicles in suzhou urban area increased from less than 500 at the beginning of establishment to 1207 at present, an increase of 1.4 times.The average ton-kilometer transportation cost of urban freight delivery decreased by 12%, the average daily single-vehicle mileage increased by 13%, and the fuel consumption of 100-ton-kilometer was saved by 7%. The results of cost reduction, efficiency increase and energy conservation and emission reduction became increasingly obvious.

The meeting introduced that from January 1, 2020, suzhou ancient city (within the moat area) will be set up as a green distribution demonstration area, and non-new energy logistics distribution vehicles (except emergency repair and first-aid, social security fuel trucks) will be banned.54 temporary loading and unloading points (zones) of new energy distribution vehicles are set up in the green distribution demonstration zone. On the premise of ensuring safety and unimpeded, temporary loading and unloading operations of new energy distribution vehicles are allowed to stop temporarily during off-peak hours on the non-motor vehicle lanes with a width of 4 meters or more outside the ancient city.

City motor vehicle pollution prevention and control center inspection section chief zheng xingchun said that the city's motor vehicle ownership has exceeded 4 million, ranked fourth in the country, motor vehicle pollution has become an important cause of air pollution.In particular, diesel trucks, although they only account for about 5% of the total number of motor vehicles, emit more than 60% nitrogen oxide and more than 70% particulate matter pollution, and carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions also reach more than 30%.At the same time, the road inspection and remote sensing monitoring results show that diesel trucks exceed the standard rate of about 30%, and the situation of exceeding the standard is more serious, some even reach more than 10 times.Therefore, by establishing the green distribution demonstration area of the ancient city, the use of ordinary fuel vehicles can be reduced, and the pollution emission of motor vehicles can be effectively reduced from the source.

In the next stage, suzhou will fully start the application of green freight distribution demonstration enterprises, vigorously promote the application of new energy distribution vehicles, unify the body logo, encourage and guide logistics parks, goods distribution centers to set up new energy truck charging facilities, before the end of the year, the city freight distribution public information service platform will be put into operation.(Su Xuan)





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